Like every school, Death high has punishments.

Deadtention Edit

Deadtention is similar to the living version- detention, where you have to write lines or do something for the teacher who serves the detention. But don't get the two confused- in deadtention, you get hung from your ears from hooks, forces to sit in a tub of crosive acid for an hour (science teachers normally do this punishment) or something else as equally as brutal! It is one of the most popular forms of punishments at Death High.

Axe Edit

Being chansed about by your teacher carrying an axe is also another form of punishment, and is very popular with those students who forget the homework. Axes are also used to cut of students hands- which will get stitched back on later by the medi-death when the teacher allows you to. Each teacher is issued to have an axe under their desk.

Giving punishments Edit

Only teachers can hand out punishments, and they can be as generous or as harsh as they like. For example, a teacher could give a deadtention for someone who is using their fingers in maths, or talking about another lesson during whatever lesson they are in. It is compeletly up to the teachers, which the students don't perticually like.